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Winter Collab Week 2024

What a time! Starting January 22nd, over 50 team members came together for 5 days of conversation, collaboration, and fun. Thank you to everyone who made the trip up (or down) to Chicago! We were thrilled to spend some real face time together, have productive and meaningful conversations, and learn more about the teammates we work with every day.

We kicked the week off with a company-wide meeting, where we discussed business updates and expectations for 2024 as we integrate our newly acquired brand, Green Sprouts. Cross-team collaboration is necessary to continue to succeed, and this was the theme as we held multiple meetings between different teams throughout the week. We spent time chatting, learning about each other's projects, and finding new ways to work together.

Many lunches, dinners, and a few drinks were enjoyed – and it was a joy to spend this time outside of the office with each other. The week culminated with our Winter Party, hosted at an arcade bar! Dinner was delicious, the games were a delight, and it was fun to see everyone's competitive side step out into the light a bit (we might've broken some records on the basketball shooter game and skee ball).

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for an amazing week together, we'll see you all in July for our Summer Collab Week!

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