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Spilling the Tea

Our exclusive collaboration with Tea Collection

Consumers are able to take an exciting dive into sustainable style this summer with Green Sprouts and Tea Collection's latest collaboration, featuring Green Sprouts' award-winning original swim diaper with prints inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Kenya.

With a 40-year track record & continuous improvement​, Green Sprouts' trusted swim diaper has evolved since its development, but the commitment to babies' well-being has remained steadfast. The patented triple-layer design of this diaper makes it breathable, absorbent, and waterproof, providing both function and comfort for your little one.

Crafted with eco-conscious materials and designed to minimize environmental impact, this swim diaper collaboration not only showcases thoughtful and vibrant prints but also reflects our commitment to protecting the planet.

The limited edition 2024 Prints


Pufferfish: Inspired by the playful pufferfish spotted in the tidepools and along the shore of Watamu.

Water Hibiscus: Inspired by the bright tropical flowers perched on the peach-colored ground seen in Malindi & Watamu on the Kenyan coast.

Turtle Floral: A rich pattern infused with soft greens, blues, and yellows depicting the sun reflecting off the water on the Kenyan coast.

Window Floral: A fresh burst of tropical beauty showing the coast in bloom.


Globally inspired

We are so excited to partner with Tea Collection and embrace their message of inspiring global connection and curiosity for our little ones. Tea is all about creating products that empower parents to get outside with their children and encourage curiosity about the world around them. By crafting globally-inspired prints and patterns, Tea is able to highlight the beauty of different cultures.

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