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Chief Executive Officer

Eric Lockwood is a results-driven head honcho (Chief Executive Officer) with 25 years of experience in all phases of consumer products business management and operations. He is a college basketball fanatic, and his favorite month is (obviously) March (Madness). 

Eric was born on the East Coast and eventually found his way to the great Midwest. He has been fortunate to work in consumer products for over 25 years. He knows how to get a deal done, having had a key role in over twenty consumer product company transactions, both on the buy and sell-side. Eric joined O2C Brands as CEO in 2013 and has been leading the charge ever since. Under his guidance, the company has doubled in size, broadened in sales distribution, expanded their supply base, and found deeper account penetration. 


When not at O2C Brands, you can find Eric, his wife and their children on the field and sidelines of almost any basketball, wrestling, soccer, or lacrosse game. 


Chief Financial Officer

Greg Fieser is our head bean counter (Chief Financial Officer) with over 25 years of industry experience. He has held positions in consumer products, public accounting, and insurance. Greg’s a huge food and travel junkie – always planning his next trip, preferably to the beach. 


Greg has lived his entire life in Illinois (which is why he likes to travel). He has his hands full leading O2C Brands’ finance, accounting, IT, legal, and human resources teams. He balances a wide range of responsibilities from reporting, planning, and analysis to system implementation and payroll. He joined O2C Brands in 2020 and has built tools to forecast profitability and cash, improve operational efficiency, as well as focus on preserving and growing the business during the global pandemic and supply chain breakdown. It is an accrual world. 


When not at O2C Brands, you can find Greg in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet meal for his daughters, planning his next adventure or floating in his pool. 

VP Sales & Marketing

Peggy Moloney is our creative unicorn (Vice President of Sales + Marketing). She has over 25 years of CPG experience, along with boundless passion for consumer products, design, and brand strategy. She considers herself a candy connoisseur – and loves all things made of sugar.


Peggy was also born in the Midwest but made her way to Chicago via a short stop in St. Louis. She joined O2C Brands in 2017 and manages our amazing creative, new product development and sales teams. Her passion for our brands can be felt in everything she does from sales presentations to brand strategy and new product ideation. Her focus has been on developing our family of family brands, bringing joy to everyday families every day. 


When not at O2C Brands, you can find Peggy at the baseball field, watching her son play or competitive shopping (at least that is how she sells it to her husband). 

VP of Operations

Joe Jorgenson is our sourcing, forecast and production ninja (Vice President of Operations). Joe has over 20 years of international sourcing and supply chain management. He is a lifelong, diehard Detroit Lions fan, which shows you nothing scares him! 

Joe joined O2C Brands in 2021 – right in the middle of a global pandemic and international supply chain breakdown. His broad range of experience in sourcing and supply chain management has been instrumental in revising our strategy to broaden our supply chain. Joe manages our sourcing, engineering, procurement, operational strategy, and warehouse teams. He travels far and wide to find O2C Brands the best supplier partners, products, and pricing.  


When not at O2C Brands, you can find Joe traveling to experience diverse cultures and foods. Although he appears fearless, he can be shaken by a mascot in costume. 

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