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Tradeshow Travels: Surf Show

Pictured: Emmalee Butler and Nate Etter, Sales Team

Our sales team recently wrapped up an exhilarating and successful experience at the Surf Show from January 10-12th, where our team members showcased products from EcoVessel, GreenSprouts, and O2Cool. It was a collective effort, and we deeply appreciate everyone involved who worked to make it happen. The displays and the positive response from attendees was exciting, particularly for our seasonal product lineups.

Building on this momentum, our team is gearing up for the upcoming PPAI promo show scheduled for January 16-18th. This time, the spotlight will be on showcasing products from EcoVessel, U-Konserve, and LunchBots. Wishing them the best of luck and looking forward to hearing about the connections made and feedback received!

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