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Office Halloween Party

Everyone had a spooky fun time at our annual office Halloween party on Oct 31st! We enjoyed catering, candy, and warm cider throughout the afternoon.

The costume contest was a hit! Thank you to everyone who participated and showed out. We had winners in four categories:

Spookiest: Drew Lissuzzo as Voldemort

Funniest: Witt Watanaarepornchai as Cookie Monster

Most Creative: Eric Lockwood as The Green Sprouts Baby

Best Overall: Sue Rock as Hagrid

The games were such fun – Halloween bingo, ring toss, and cornhole (bags). Plus, winners of Halloween bingo got to choose mystery tricks or treats which was so entertaining to watch!

And we didn't leave out remote employees –they received their own treat packages to help them celebrate the holiday. Hope everyone's been enjoying their apple cider in their EcoVessel Transit mug!

Thank you again to everyone who attended, can't wait for next year! 🎃

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