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Green Sprouts Sales & Product Summit

Our sales, marketing, and product development came together in Chicago for 2 days of learning during the Green Sprouts Sales & Product Summit led by Green Sprouts founder Becky Cannon. The team spent time together learning about the brands, sales channels, and potential opportunities for the future. The summit provided the team with time to collaborate and learn together.

The product overview gave the O2C team a deeper understanding of Green Sprouts' offerings and their mission. Our dinners and meals together also helped us get to know each other and learn more about one another. What was your takeaway from the GreenSprouts Sales Summit?

"I thought the Sales Summit for Green Sprouts was very informative. It was great to meet the Green Sprouts team and see first-hand the passion they have for the products. I am excited to get out in front of my buyers and be a part of the continued growth of the brand." – Penny Lundgren

The presentation was nicely put together. I definitely see the entire line clearly now and am excited about the possibilities for NPD going forward” – Jonathan Ramos

"What a wonderful, albeit quick, visit and introduction to Chicago! The knowledge, passion and excitement of the combined teams has the potential to snowball into great success. I look forward to a similar deep-dive into the existing O2C product lines and the collaboration that lies ahead." – Emmalee Butler

A special thank you to Becky, Emi, Liz, Bradlee and Emmalee for sharing the details of the brand, its product lines and current sales channels. The summit was time well spent and will set the course for an exciting future for the brand as it folds into the O2C portfolio.

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