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Lasting Impact: EcoVessel x Water For People

O2C Brands is proud to join forces with Water For People through our brand, EcoVessel, to make a lasting impact. During EcoVessel’s Back to School Sale, we donated 10% of all online orders to support Water For People's mission of ensuring clean water and sanitation for all.

Water For People is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring access to clean water and improved sanitation for communities around the world. By implementing sustainable water systems and sanitation facilities, Water For People empowers local communities to take control of their own resources and create lasting change. Through innovative solutions, community engagement, and advocacy, they work towards a future where every individual has safe and reliable access to water and sanitation, improving health, education, and overall quality of life.

We share the belief that strong communities drive change. EcoVessel’s partnership with Water For People aligns perfectly this value. Just as EcoVessel prioritizes sustainable drinkware solutions, Water For People empowers communities with sustainable water systems and sanitation facilities.

Beyond financial support, our partnership with Water For People helps raise awareness and fosters collective responsibility. It's a testament to how businesses can ignite meaningful change and inspire others to take part.

O2C Brands' partnerships with nonprofits help support our commitment to sustainable impact. By working together, we're making strides towards a world with a brighter future for all.

Shop EcoVessel to support Water For People and our other nonprofit partners.

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