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Clean Air Month: EcoVessel x Suffer Better

EcoVessel was thrilled to celebrate Clean Air Month this year by honoring our 1% partner Suffer Better, a group making a difference in the fight for cleaner air. 

Our 1% partner, Suffer Better, offers events, programs, and grants to their growing community of endurance athletes and nonprofit partners. This engages and enables them to give back, preserving and protecting nature while supporting local communities.

Back in February, they held their 24-hour "Running Up for Air" (RUFA) winter endurance challenge. At this event, 115 runners and 36 volunteers spent the day in the mountains at Staunton State Park in Colorado, raising money, and heart rates, all in the name of clean air and a healthier planet.

Funds were raised for Protect Our Winters and Conservation Colorado Education Fund, as they champion clean air quality, health, and education in CO. Amazing feats were accomplished by the participants, some listed below. Plus – raffle winners received EcoVessels as their prizes! We sent over some Boulders, Aspens, and Transits for the participants.


How can you breathe cleaner air?

Shop EcoVessel and learn more about our nonprofit partners on our website!

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