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1 Year Anniversary of The O2C Brands Warehouse

The O2C Brands warehouse has just celebrated its first anniversary, marking a year of significant growth and operational achievements. The warehouse had a soft opening in March last year and officially began fulfilling orders in May of 2023. Leading this dedicated team is Warehouse Manager, Santiago Romero, supported by Director of Operations, Maren Couillard, and VP of Operations, Joe Jorgenson. Their leadership has been instrumental in navigating the challenges and driving the warehouse to where it is today. As we celebrate our inaugural year, we’re excited to look back on the progress that’s been made and what is to come.

Prior to our new warehouse, inventory had been held at Partner Logistics for 20 years. One of the most impressive feats in the warehouse project was moving all of the inventory with just four people, handling a total of 92 truckloads, plus quite a few carloads from our team members. As operations ramped up, we increased the number of warehouse employees from starting with just two people in March, to nine full-time employees we have today alongside over 30 temporary workers.

We are incredibly proud of the team's dedication and the progress made over the past year. Their hard work and commitment have been the backbone of our success. Although the journey hasn't been without its challenges. Starting with the move, infrastructure issues such as space, racking, and equipment were significant hurdles, especially as many improvements had to be made after inventory had already started moving in. Implementing the new Warehouse Management System (WMS) and integrating Green Sprouts also added layers of complexity. This first peak season has been a learning experience, highlighting the need for better systems to keep up with order accuracy and timely shipping but thanks to this growing team, last week the warehouse hit a milestone by processing over 1,600 e-commerce orders in a single day, setting a new record!


Looking at the year ahead, the warehouse will focus on process improvement and refinement. We will convert more temporary workers to full-time status, which will help to build a reliable, consistent workforce. There will also be an emphasis on optimizing our systems to better fit the business needs. By arming the warehouse with better tools, the goal is to streamline operations, allowing the team to focus on picking, packing, and shipping without having to deal with previous inefficiencies. As the warehouse continues to evolve, these improvements will enhance overall performance and set new records in the coming years.


We are confident that with the leadership and the hard work of our entire team, the O2C Brands warehouse will continue to achieve great things. The past year has shown what we can accomplish together, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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